Our Story

When You Walk Into Grandmama’s Café, You Walk Into A Cozy Corner of Home!

Step into your average restaurant or pub today and you know exactly what you will see. Bare brick walls, light bulbs hanging above tables, exposed pipes, etc. Since when did the need for such bland monotony arise? Don’t we all need some colour in our lives? Rustic and industrial is all well and good, but shouldn’t restaurant interiors be happy and vibrant too?

With 7 outlets across Mumbai and 2 in Pune, this is where Grandmama’s Café takes the cake. When you walk through the doors of this café, you will instantly be engulfed with a sense of warmth and love – the very same feeling you get when you receive a hug from your mother or your grandmother! Yes, the interiors of Grandmama’s Café are exactly that – nostalgic and warm.

The signature bicycle with a basket full of flowers outside all the outlets implies a sense of welcome.

And this rings very true, for the café was designed by the owners themselves! Mr Abhayraj Kohli and his wife, Simar Kohli.

In a day and age where the importance of restaurant decor has dwindled down to stark furnishings and minimal personal touches, Grandmama’s Café shines through with its most unique spin on a café. It can be whatever you want it to be – your favourite cozy corner at home, your grandmother’s old house filled with memories or even your very own personal tea party in Wonderland!